Annotations(onset, duration, description[, …])

Annotation object for annotating segments of raw data.


Parser for Elekta data acquisition settings.

concatenate_events(events, first_samps, …)

Concatenate event lists to be compatible with concatenate_raws.

find_events(raw[, stim_channel, output, …])

Find events from raw file.

find_stim_steps(raw[, pad_start, pad_stop, …])

Find all steps in data from a stim channel.

make_fixed_length_events(raw[, id, start, …])

Make a set of events separated by a fixed duration.

make_fixed_length_epochs(raw[, duration, …])

Divide continuous raw data into equal-sized consecutive epochs.

merge_events(events, ids, new_id[, …])

Merge a set of events.


Parse a config file (like .ave and .cov files).

pick_events(events[, include, exclude, step])

Select some events.

read_annotations(fname[, sfreq, uint16_codec])

Read annotations from a file.

read_events(filename[, include, exclude, …])

Read events from fif or text file.

write_events(filename, event_list)

Write events to file.

concatenate_epochs(epochs_list[, add_offset])

Concatenate a list of epochs into one epochs object.

events_from_annotations(raw[, event_id, …])

Get events and event_id from an Annotations object.

annotations_from_events(events, sfreq[, …])

Convert an event array to an Annotations object.


IO with fif files containing events.

define_target_events(events, reference_id, …)

Define new events by co-occurrence of existing events.

shift_time_events(events, ids, tshift, sfreq)

Shift an event.


Tools for working with epoched data.

add_channels_epochs(epochs_list[, verbose])

Concatenate channels, info and data from two Epochs objects.

average_movements(epochs[, head_pos, …])

Average data using Maxwell filtering, transforming using head positions.

combine_event_ids(epochs, old_event_ids, …)

Collapse event_ids from an epochs instance into a new event_id.

equalize_epoch_counts(epochs_list[, method])

Equalize the number of trials in multiple Epoch instances.

make_metadata(events, event_id, tmin, tmax, …)

Generate metadata from events for use with mne.Epochs.