File I/O

channel_type(info, idx)

Get channel type.

channel_indices_by_type(info[, picks])

Get indices of channels by type.

get_head_surf(subject[, source, …])

Load the subject head surface.

get_meg_helmet_surf(info[, trans, verbose])

Load the MEG helmet associated with the MEG sensors.

get_volume_labels_from_aseg(mgz_fname[, …])

Return a list of names and colors of segmented volumes.

get_volume_labels_from_src(src, subject, …)

Return a list of Label of segmented volumes included in the src space.


Parse a config file (like .ave and .cov files).

read_labels_from_annot(subject[, parc, …])

Read labels from a FreeSurfer annotation file.

read_bem_solution(fname[, verbose])

Read the BEM solution from a file.

read_bem_surfaces(fname[, patch_stats, …])

Read the BEM surfaces from a FIF file.

read_cov(fname[, verbose])

Read a noise covariance from a FIF file.

read_dipole(fname[, verbose])

Read .dip file from Neuromag/xfit or MNE.

read_epochs(fname[, proj, preload, verbose])

Read epochs from a fif file.

read_epochs_kit(input_fname, events[, …])

Reader function for Ricoh/KIT epochs files.

read_epochs_eeglab(input_fname[, events, …])

Reader function for EEGLAB epochs files.

read_epochs_fieldtrip(fname, info[, …])

Load epoched data from a FieldTrip preprocessing structure.

read_events(filename[, include, exclude, …])

Read events from fif or text file.

read_evokeds(fname[, condition, baseline, …])

Read evoked dataset(s).

read_evoked_fieldtrip(fname, info[, …])

Load evoked data from a FieldTrip timelocked structure.

read_evokeds_mff(fname[, condition, …])

Read averaged MFF file as EvokedArray or list of EvokedArray.


Read a Freesurfer-formatted LUT.

read_forward_solution(fname[, include, …])

Read a forward solution a.k.a.

read_label(filename[, subject, color])

Read FreeSurfer Label file.

read_morph_map(subject_from, subject_to[, …])

Read morph map.

read_proj(fname[, verbose])

Read projections from a FIF file.


Read rejection parameters from .cov or .ave config file.

read_selection(name[, fname, info, verbose])


DEPRECATED: read_selection has been deprecated in favor of read_vectorview_selection and will be removed in 0.24.

read_source_estimate(fname[, subject])

Read a source estimate object.

read_source_spaces(fname[, patch_stats, verbose])

Read the source spaces from a FIF file.

read_surface(fname[, read_metadata, …])

Load a Freesurfer surface mesh in triangular format.

read_trans(fname[, return_all, verbose])

Read a -trans.fif file.

read_tri(fname_in[, swap, verbose])

Read triangle definitions from an ascii file.

write_labels_to_annot(labels[, subject, …])

Create a FreeSurfer annotation from a list of labels.

write_bem_solution(fname, bem[, overwrite, …])

Write a BEM model with solution.

write_bem_surfaces(fname, surfs[, …])

Write BEM surfaces to a fiff file.

write_head_bem(fname, rr, tris[, …])

Write a head surface to a fiff file.

write_cov(fname, cov)

Write a noise covariance matrix.

write_events(filename, event_list)

Write events to file.

write_evokeds(fname, evoked)

Write an evoked dataset to a file.

write_forward_solution(fname, fwd[, …])

Write forward solution to a file.

write_label(filename, label[, verbose])

Write a FreeSurfer label.

write_proj(fname, projs)

Write projections to a FIF file.

write_source_spaces(fname, src[, overwrite, …])

Write source spaces to a file.

write_surface(fname, coords, faces[, …])

Write a triangular Freesurfer surface mesh.

write_trans(fname, trans)

Write a -trans.fif file.


Try to determine the type of the FIF file.

io.read_info(fname[, verbose])

Read measurement info from a file.

io.show_fiff(fname[, indent, read_limit, …])

Show FIFF information.

Base class:

BaseEpochs(info, data, events[, event_id, …])

Abstract base class for Epochs-type classes.