Forward Modeling


Forward class to represent info from forward solution.

SourceSpaces(source_spaces[, info])

Represent a list of source space.

add_source_space_distances(src[, …])

Compute inter-source distances along the cortical surface.

apply_forward(fwd, stc, info[, start, stop, …])

Project source space currents to sensor space using a forward operator.

apply_forward_raw(fwd, stc, info[, start, …])

Project source space currents to sensor space using a forward operator.

average_forward_solutions(fwds[, weights, …])

Average forward solutions.

convert_forward_solution(fwd[, surf_ori, …])

Convert forward solution between different source orientations.

decimate_surface(points, triangles, n_triangles)

Decimate surface data.

dig_mri_distances(info, trans, subject[, …])

Compute distances between head shape points and the scalp surface.

forward.compute_depth_prior(forward, info[, …])

Compute depth prior for depth weighting.

forward.compute_orient_prior(forward[, …])

Compute orientation prior.

forward.restrict_forward_to_label(fwd, labels)

Restrict forward operator to labels.

forward.restrict_forward_to_stc(fwd, stc[, …])

Restrict forward operator to active sources in a source estimate.

make_bem_model(subject[, ico, conductivity, …])

Create a BEM model for a subject.

make_bem_solution(surfs[, verbose])

Create a BEM solution using the linear collocation approach.

make_forward_dipole(dipole, bem, info[, …])

Convert dipole object to source estimate and calculate forward operator.

make_forward_solution(info, trans, src, bem)

Calculate a forward solution for a subject.

make_field_map(evoked[, trans, subject, …])

Compute surface maps used for field display in 3D.

make_sphere_model([r0, head_radius, info, …])

Create a spherical model for forward solution calculation.

morph_source_spaces(src_from, subject_to[, …])

Morph an existing source space to a different subject.

read_bem_surfaces(fname[, patch_stats, …])

Read the BEM surfaces from a FIF file.

read_forward_solution(fname[, include, …])

Read a forward solution a.k.a.

read_trans(fname[, return_all, verbose])

Read a -trans.fif file.

read_source_spaces(fname[, patch_stats, verbose])

Read the source spaces from a FIF file.

read_surface(fname[, read_metadata, …])

Load a Freesurfer surface mesh in triangular format.

sensitivity_map(fwd[, projs, ch_type, mode, …])

Compute sensitivity map.

setup_source_space(subject[, spacing, …])

Set up bilateral hemisphere surface-based source space with subsampling.

setup_volume_source_space([subject, pos, …])

Set up a volume source space with grid spacing or discrete source space.

surface.complete_surface_info(surf[, …])

Complete surface information.

surface.read_curvature(filepath[, binary])

Load in curvature values from the ?h.curv file.


Use a custom coil definition file.

write_bem_surfaces(fname, surfs[, …])

Write BEM surfaces to a fiff file.

write_trans(fname, trans)

Write a -trans.fif file.



BEM or sphere model.

fit_sphere_to_headshape(info[, dig_kinds, …])

Fit a sphere to the headshape points to determine head center.

get_fitting_dig(info[, dig_kinds, …])

Get digitization points suitable for sphere fitting.

make_watershed_bem(subject[, subjects_dir, …])

Create BEM surfaces using the FreeSurfer watershed algorithm.

make_flash_bem(subject[, overwrite, show, …])

Create 3-Layer BEM model from prepared flash MRI images.

convert_flash_mris(subject[, flash30, …])

Convert DICOM files for use with make_flash_bem.