MRI Processing

Step by step instructions for using gui.coregistration():

coreg.get_mni_fiducials(subject[, …])

Estimate fiducials for a subject.

gui.coregistration([tabbed, split, width, …])

Coregister an MRI with a subject’s head shape.

gui.fiducials([subject, fid_file, subjects_dir])

Set the fiducials for an MRI subject.

create_default_subject([fs_home, update, …])

Create an average brain subject for subjects without structural MRI.

scale_mri(subject_from, subject_to, scale[, …])

Create a scaled copy of an MRI subject.

scale_bem(subject_to, bem_name[, …])

Scale a bem file.

scale_labels(subject_to[, pattern, …])

Scale labels to match a brain that was previously created by scaling.

scale_source_space(subject_to, src_name[, …])

Scale a source space for an mri created with scale_mri().