Covariance computation#

Covariance(data, names, bads, projs, nfree)

Noise covariance matrix.

compute_covariance(epochs[, ...])

Estimate noise covariance matrix from epochs.

compute_raw_covariance(raw[, tmin, tmax, ...])

Estimate noise covariance matrix from a continuous segment of raw data.

cov.compute_whitener(noise_cov[, info, ...])

Compute whitening matrix.

cov.prepare_noise_cov(noise_cov, info[, ...])

Prepare noise covariance matrix.

cov.regularize(cov, info[, mag, grad, eeg, ...])

Regularize noise covariance matrix.

compute_rank(inst[, rank, scalings, info, ...])

Compute the rank of data or noise covariance.

make_ad_hoc_cov(info[, std, verbose])

Create an ad hoc noise covariance.

read_cov(fname[, verbose])

Read a noise covariance from a FIF file.

write_cov(fname, cov, *[, overwrite, verbose])

Write a noise covariance matrix.