mne.preprocessing.equalize_bads(insts, interp_thresh=1.0, copy=True)[source]#

Interpolate or mark bads consistently for a list of instances.

Once called on a list of instances, the instances can be concatenated as they will have the same list of bad channels.


The list of instances (Evoked, Epochs or Raw) to consider for interpolation. Each instance should have marked channels.


A float between 0 and 1 (default) that specifies the fraction of time a channel should be good to be eventually interpolated for certain instances. For example if 0.5, a channel which is good at least half of the time will be interpolated in the instances where it is marked as bad. If 1 then channels will never be interpolated and if 0 all bad channels will be systematically interpolated.


If True then the returned instances will be copies.


The list of instances, with the same channel(s) marked as bad in all of them, possibly with some formerly bad channels interpolated.