mne.preprocessing.eyetracking.set_channel_types_eyetrack(inst, mapping)[source]#

Define sensor type for eyetrack channels.

This function can set all eye tracking specific information: channel type, unit, eye (and x/y component; only for gaze channels)

Supported channel types: 'eyegaze' and 'pupil'

Supported units: 'au', 'px', 'deg', 'rad' (for eyegaze) 'au', 'mm', 'm' (for pupil)

instinstance of Raw, Epochs, or Evoked

The data instance.


A dictionary mapping a channel to a list/tuple including channel type, unit, eye, [and x/y component] (all as str), e.g., {'l_x': ('eyegaze', 'deg', 'left', 'x')} or {'r_pupil': ('pupil', 'au', 'right')}.

instinstance of Raw | Epochs | Evoked

The instance, modified in place.


inst.set_channel_types() to 'eyegaze' or 'pupil' works as well, but cannot correctly set unit, eye and x/y component.

Data will be stored in SI units: if your data comes in deg (visual angle) it will be converted to rad, if it is in mm it will be converted to m.

Examples using mne.preprocessing.eyetracking.set_channel_types_eyetrack#

Importing Data from Eyetracking devices

Importing Data from Eyetracking devices