Reading raw data#

IO module for reading raw data.

anonymize_info(info[, daysback, keep_his, ...])

Anonymize measurement information in place.

read_raw(fname, *[, preload, verbose])

Read raw file.

read_raw_artemis123(input_fname[, preload, ...])

Read Artemis123 data as raw object.

read_raw_bti(pdf_fname[, config_fname, ...])

Raw object from 4D Neuroimaging MagnesWH3600 data.

read_raw_cnt(input_fname[, eog, misc, ecg, ...])

Read CNT data as raw object.

read_raw_ctf(directory[, system_clock, ...])

Raw object from CTF directory.

read_raw_curry(fname[, preload, verbose])

Read raw data from Curry files.

read_raw_edf(input_fname[, eog, misc, ...])

Reader function for EDF and EDF+ files.

read_raw_eyelink(fname, *[, ...])

Reader for an Eyelink .asc file.

read_raw_bdf(input_fname[, eog, misc, ...])

Reader function for BDF files.

read_raw_gdf(input_fname[, eog, misc, ...])

Reader function for GDF files.

read_raw_kit(input_fname[, mrk, elp, hsp, ...])

Reader function for Ricoh/KIT conversion to FIF.

read_raw_nedf(filename[, preload, verbose])

Read NeuroElectrics .nedf files.

read_raw_nicolet(input_fname, ch_type[, ...])

Read Nicolet data as raw object.

read_raw_hitachi(fname[, preload, verbose])

Reader for a Hitachi fNIRS recording.

read_raw_nirx(fname[, saturated, preload, ...])

Reader for a NIRX fNIRS recording.

read_raw_snirf(fname[, optode_frame, ...])

Reader for a continuous wave SNIRF data.

read_raw_eeglab(input_fname[, eog, preload, ...])

Read an EEGLAB .set file.

read_raw_brainvision(vhdr_fname[, eog, ...])

Reader for Brain Vision EEG file.

read_raw_egi(input_fname[, eog, misc, ...])

Read EGI simple binary as raw object.

read_raw_fif(fname[, allow_maxshield, ...])

Reader function for Raw FIF data.

read_raw_eximia(fname[, preload, verbose])

Reader for an eXimia EEG file.

read_raw_fieldtrip(fname, info[, data_name])

Load continuous (raw) data from a FieldTrip preprocessing structure.

read_raw_boxy(fname[, preload, verbose])

Reader for an optical imaging recording.

read_raw_persyst(fname[, preload, verbose])

Reader for a Persyst (.lay/.dat) recording.

read_raw_nihon(fname[, preload, verbose])

Reader for an Nihon Kohden EEG file.

read_raw_fil(binfile[, precision, preload, ...])

Raw object from FIL-OPMEG formatted data.

read_raw_nsx(input_fname[, stim_channel, ...])

Reader function for NSx (Blackrock Microsystems) files.

read_raw_neuralynx(fname, *[, preload, ...])

Reader for Neuralynx files.

Base class:

BaseRaw(info[, preload, first_samps, ...])

Base class for Raw data.

KIT module for reading raw data.


Marker Point Extraction in MEG space directly from sqd.