, config_fname='config', head_shape_fname='hs_file', rotation_x=0.0, translation=(0.0, 0.02, 0.11), convert=True, rename_channels=True, sort_by_ch_name=True, ecg_ch='E31', eog_ch=('E63', 'E64'), preload=False, verbose=None) RawBTi[source]#

Raw object from 4D Neuroimaging MagnesWH3600 data.


  1. Currently direct inclusion of reference channel weights is not supported. Please use mne_create_comp_data to include the weights or use the low level functions from this module to include them by yourself.

  2. The informed guess for the 4D name is E31 for the ECG channel and E63, E63 for the EOG channels. Please check and adjust if those channels are present in your dataset but ‘ECG 01’ and ‘EOG 01’, ‘EOG 02’ don’t appear in the channel names of the raw object.


Path to the processed data file (PDF).


Path to system config file.

head_shape_fnamepath-like | None

Path to the head shape file.


Degrees to tilt x-axis for sensor frame misalignment. Ignored if convert is True.

translationarray_like, shape (3,)

The translation to place the origin of coordinate system to the center of the head. Ignored if convert is True.


Convert to Neuromag coordinates or not.


Whether to keep original 4D channel labels or not. Defaults to True.


Reorder channels according to channel label. 4D channels don’t have monotonically increasing numbers in their labels. Defaults to True.

ecg_chstr | None

The 4D name of the ECG channel. If None, the channel will be treated as regular EEG channel.

eog_chtuple of str | None

The 4D names of the EOG channels. If None, the channels will be treated as regular EEG channels.

preloadbool or str (default False)

Preload data into memory for data manipulation and faster indexing. If True, the data will be preloaded into memory (fast, requires large amount of memory). If preload is a string, preload is the file name of a memory-mapped file which is used to store the data on the hard drive (slower, requires less memory).

New in v0.11.

verbosebool | str | int | None

Control verbosity of the logging output. If None, use the default verbosity level. See the logging documentation and mne.verbose() for details. Should only be passed as a keyword argument.

rawinstance of RawBTi

A Raw object containing BTI data. See for documentation of attributes and methods.

See also

Documentation of attributes and methods of RawBTi.

Examples using

4D Neuroimaging/BTi phantom dataset tutorial

4D Neuroimaging/BTi phantom dataset tutorial

Plotting sensor layouts of MEG systems

Plotting sensor layouts of MEG systems