mne.viz.plot_csd(csd, info=None, mode='csd', colorbar=True, cmap=None, n_cols=None, show=True)[source]#

Plot CSD matrices.

A sub-plot is created for each frequency. If an info object is passed to the function, different channel types are plotted in different figures.

csdinstance of CrossSpectralDensity

The CSD matrix to plot.

infomne.Info | None

The mne.Info object with information about the sensors and methods of measurement. Used to split the figure by channel-type, if provided. By default, the CSD matrix is plotted as a whole.

mode‘csd’ | ‘coh’

Whether to plot the cross-spectral density (‘csd’, the default), or the coherence (‘coh’) between the channels.


Whether to show a colorbar. Defaults to True.

cmapstr | None

The matplotlib colormap to use. Defaults to None, which means the colormap will default to matplotlib’s default.

n_colsint | None

CSD matrices are plotted in a grid. This parameter controls how many matrix to plot side by side before starting a new row. By default, a number will be chosen to make the grid as square as possible.


Whether to show the figure. Defaults to True.

figlist of Figure

The figures created by this function.