mne.preprocessing.nirs.temporal_derivative_distribution_repair(raw, *, verbose=None)[source]#

Apply temporal derivative distribution repair to data.

Applies temporal derivative distribution repair (TDDR) to data [1]. This approach removes baseline shift and spike artifacts without the need for any user-supplied parameters.

rawinstance of Raw

The raw data.

verbosebool | str | int | None

Control verbosity of the logging output. If None, use the default verbosity level. See the logging documentation and mne.verbose() for details. Should only be passed as a keyword argument.

rawinstance of Raw

Data with TDDR applied.


TDDR was initially designed to be used on optical density fNIRS data but has been enabled to be applied on hemoglobin concentration fNIRS data as well in MNE. We recommend applying the algorithm to optical density fNIRS data as intended by the original author wherever possible.

There is a shorter alias mne.preprocessing.nirs.tddr that can be used instead of this function (e.g. if line length is an issue).


Examples using mne.preprocessing.nirs.temporal_derivative_distribution_repair#

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