mne.head_to_mni(pos, subject, mri_head_t, subjects_dir=None, verbose=None)[source]#

Convert pos from head coordinate system to MNI ones.

posarray, shape (n_pos, 3)

The coordinates (in m) in head coordinate system.


The FreeSurfer subject name.

mri_head_tinstance of Transform

MRI<->Head coordinate transformation.

subjects_dirpath-like | None

The path to the directory containing the FreeSurfer subjects reconstructions. If None, defaults to the SUBJECTS_DIR environment variable.

verbosebool | str | int | None

Control verbosity of the logging output. If None, use the default verbosity level. See the logging documentation and mne.verbose() for details. Should only be passed as a keyword argument.

coordinatesarray, shape (n_pos, 3)

The MNI coordinates (in mm) of pos.


This function requires either nibabel.