mne.channels.get_builtin_ch_adjacencies(*, descriptions=False)[source]#

Get a list of all FieldTrip neighbor definitions shipping with MNE.

The names of the these neighbor definitions can be passed to read_ch_adjacency().


Whether to return not only the neighbor definition names, but also their corresponding descriptions. If True, a list of tuples is returned, where the first tuple element is the neighbor definition name and the second is the description. If False (default), only the names are returned.

neighbor_namelist of str | list of tuple

If descriptions=False, the names of all builtin FieldTrip neighbor definitions that can be loaded directly via read_ch_adjacency().

If descriptions=True, a list of tuples (name, description).


New in v1.1.

Examples using mne.channels.get_builtin_ch_adjacencies#

Statistical inference

Statistical inference