mne.viz.plot_ch_adjacency(info, adjacency, ch_names, kind='2d', edit=False)[source]#

Plot channel adjacency.

infoinstance of Info

Info object with channel locations.


Array of channels x channels shape. Defines which channels are adjacent to each other. Note that if you edit adjacencies (via edit=True), this array will be modified in place.

ch_nameslist of str

Names of successive channels in the adjacency matrix.


How to plot the adjacency. Can be either '3d' or '2d'.


Whether to allow interactive editing of the adjacency matrix via clicking respective channel pairs. Once clicked, the channel is “activated” and turns green. Clicking on another channel adds or removes adjacency relation between the activated and newly clicked channel (depending on whether the channels are already adjacent or not); the newly clicked channel now becomes activated. Clicking on an activated channel deactivates it. Editing is currently only supported for kind='2d'.


The Figure instance where the channel adjacency is plotted.


New in v1.1.

Examples using mne.viz.plot_ch_adjacency#

Spatiotemporal permutation F-test on full sensor data

Spatiotemporal permutation F-test on full sensor data