Source Space Data#

BiHemiLabel(lh, rh[, name, color])

A freesurfer/MNE label with vertices in both hemispheres.

Label([vertices, pos, values, hemi, ...])

A FreeSurfer/MNE label with vertices restricted to one hemisphere.

MixedSourceEstimate(data[, vertices, tmin, ...])

Container for mixed surface and volume source estimates.

MixedVectorSourceEstimate(data[, vertices, ...])

Container for volume source estimates.

SourceEstimate(data, vertices, tmin, tstep)

Container for surface source estimates.

VectorSourceEstimate(data[, vertices, tmin, ...])

Container for vector surface source estimates.

VolSourceEstimate(data, vertices, tmin, tstep)

Container for volume source estimates.

VolVectorSourceEstimate(data[, vertices, ...])

Container for volume source estimates.

SourceMorph(subject_from, subject_to, kind, ...)

Morph source space data from one subject to another.

compute_source_morph(src[, subject_from, ...])

Create a SourceMorph from one subject to another.

extract_label_time_course(stcs, labels, src)

Extract label time course for lists of labels and source estimates.

grade_to_tris(grade[, verbose])

Get tris defined for a certain grade.

grade_to_vertices(subject, grade[, ...])

Convert a grade to source space vertices for a given subject.

label.select_sources(subject, label[, ...])

Select sources from a label.

grow_labels(subject, seeds, extents, hemis)

Generate circular labels in source space with region growing.

label_sign_flip(label, src)

Compute sign for label averaging.

labels_to_stc(labels, values[, tmin, tstep, ...])

Convert a set of labels and values to a STC.

morph_labels(labels, subject_to[, ...])

Morph a set of labels.

random_parcellation(subject, n_parcel, hemi)

Generate random cortex parcellation by growing labels.

read_labels_from_annot(subject[, parc, ...])

Read labels from a FreeSurfer annotation file.

read_dipole(fname[, verbose])

Read .dip file from Neuromag/xfit or MNE.

read_label(filename[, subject, color, verbose])

Read FreeSurfer Label file.

read_source_estimate(fname[, subject])

Read a source estimate object.


Load the morph for source estimates from a file.

split_label(label[, parts, subject, ...])

Split a Label into two or more parts.

stc_to_label(stc[, src, smooth, connected, ...])

Compute a label from the non-zero sources in an stc object.

stc_near_sensors(evoked, trans, subject[, ...])

Create a STC from ECoG, sEEG and DBS sensor data.

transform_surface_to(surf, dest, trans[, copy])

Transform surface to the desired coordinate system.

write_labels_to_annot(labels[, subject, ...])

Create a FreeSurfer annotation from a list of labels.

write_label(filename, label[, verbose])

Write a FreeSurfer label.


Compute distances between vertices and sensors.


Get the decimated surfaces from a source space.