Sensor Space Data#

combine_evoked(all_evoked, weights)

Merge evoked data by weighted addition or subtraction.

concatenate_raws(raws[, preload, ...])

Concatenate Raw instances as if they were continuous.

equalize_channels(instances[, copy, verbose])

Equalize channel picks and ordering across multiple MNE-Python objects.

grand_average(all_inst[, interpolate_bads, ...])

Make grand average of a list of Evoked or AverageTFR data.

match_channel_orders([insts, copy, raws])

Ensure consistent channel order across instances (Raw, Epochs, or Evoked).

pick_channels(ch_names, include[, exclude, ...])

Pick channels by names.

pick_channels_cov(orig[, include, exclude, ...])

Pick channels from covariance matrix.

pick_channels_forward(orig[, include, ...])

Pick channels from forward operator.

pick_channels_regexp(ch_names, regexp)

Pick channels using regular expression.

pick_types(info[, meg, eeg, stim, eog, ecg, ...])

Pick channels by type and names.

pick_types_forward(orig[, meg, eeg, ...])

Pick by channel type and names from a forward operator.

pick_info(info[, sel, copy, verbose])

Restrict an info structure to a selection of channels.

read_epochs(fname[, proj, preload, verbose])

Read epochs from a fif file.


Read rejection parameters from .cov or .ave config file.

read_vectorview_selection(name[, fname, ...])

Read Neuromag Vector View channel selection from a file.

rename_channels(info, mapping[, ...])

Rename channels.


Utility functions to baseline-correct data.

rescale(data, times, baseline[, mode, copy, ...])

Rescale (baseline correct) data.