mne.read_evoked_fieldtrip(fname, info, comment=None, data_name='data')[source]#

Load evoked data from a FieldTrip timelocked structure.

This function expects to find timelocked data in the structure data_name is pointing at.


FieldTrip does not normally store the original information concerning channel location, orientation, type etc. It is therefore highly recommended to provide the info field. This can be obtained by reading the original raw data file with MNE functions (without preload). The returned object contains the necessary info field.


Path and filename of the .mat file containing the data.

infodict or None

The info dict of the raw data file corresponding to the data to import. If this is set to None, limited information is extracted from the FieldTrip structure.


Comment on dataset. Can be the condition.


Name of heading dict/ variable name under which the data was originally saved in MATLAB.

evokedinstance of EvokedArray

An EvokedArray containing the loaded data.