mne.get_volume_labels_from_aseg(mgz_fname, return_colors=False, atlas_ids=None)[source]#

Return a list of names and colors of segmented volumes.


Filename to read. Typically aseg.mgz or some variant in the freesurfer pipeline.


If True returns also the labels colors.

atlas_idsdict | None

A lookup table providing a mapping from region names (str) to ID values (int). Can be None to use the standard Freesurfer LUT.

New in v0.21.0.

label_nameslist of str

The names of segmented volumes included in this mgz file.

label_colorslist of str

The RGB colors of the labels included in this mgz file.


Changed in version 0.21.0: The label names are now sorted in the same order as their corresponding values in the MRI file.

New in v0.9.0.

Examples using mne.get_volume_labels_from_aseg#

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