, precision='single', preload=False, *, verbose=None) RawFIL[source]#

Raw object from FIL-OPMEG formatted data.


Path to the MEG data binary (ending in '_meg.bin').

precisionstr, optional

How is the data represented? 'single' if 32-bit or 'double' if 64-bit (default is single).

preloadbool or str (default False)

Preload data into memory for data manipulation and faster indexing. If True, the data will be preloaded into memory (fast, requires large amount of memory). If preload is a string, preload is the file name of a memory-mapped file which is used to store the data on the hard drive (slower, requires less memory).

verbosebool | str | int | None

Control verbosity of the logging output. If None, use the default verbosity level. See the logging documentation and mne.verbose() for details. Should only be passed as a keyword argument.

rawinstance of RawFIL

The raw data. See for documentation of attributes and methods.

See also

Documentation of attributes and methods of RawFIL.

Examples using

Preprocessing optically pumped magnetometer (OPM) MEG data

Preprocessing optically pumped magnetometer (OPM) MEG data