mne.sys_info(fid=None, show_paths=False, *, dependencies='user', unicode=True, check_version=True)[source]#

Print system information.

This function prints system information useful when triaging bugs.

fidfile-like | None

The file to write to. Will be passed to print(). Can be None to use sys.stdout.


If True, print paths for each module.

dependencies‘user’ | ‘developer’

Show dependencies relevant for users (default) or for developers (i.e., output includes additional dependencies).


Include Unicode symbols in output.

New in v0.24.

check_versionbool | float

If True (default), attempt to check that the version of MNE-Python is up to date with the latest release on GitHub. Can be a float to give a different timeout (in sec) from the default (2 sec).

New in v1.6.

Examples using mne.sys_info#

Configuring MNE-Python

Configuring MNE-Python