mne.get_montage_volume_labels(montage, subject, subjects_dir=None, aseg='aparc+aseg', dist=2)[source]#

Get regions of interest near channels from a Freesurfer parcellation.


This is applicable for channels inside the brain (intracranial electrodes).

montageNone | str | DigMontage

A montage containing channel positions. If a string or DigMontage is specified, the existing channel information will be updated with the channel positions from the montage. Valid strings are the names of the built-in montages that ship with MNE-Python; you can list those via mne.channels.get_builtin_montages(). If None (default), the channel positions will be removed from the Info.


The FreeSurfer subject name.

subjects_dirpath-like | None

The path to the directory containing the FreeSurfer subjects reconstructions. If None, defaults to the SUBJECTS_DIR environment variable.


The anatomical segmentation file. Default aparc+aseg. This may be any anatomical segmentation file in the mri subdirectory of the Freesurfer subject directory.


The distance in mm to use for identifying regions of interest.


The regions of interest labels within dist of each channel.


The Freesurfer lookup table colors for the labels.

Examples using mne.get_montage_volume_labels#

Working with sEEG data

Working with sEEG data

Working with sEEG data