mne.viz.mne_analyze_colormap(limits=(5, 10, 15), format='vtk')[source]#

Return a colormap similar to that used by mne_analyze.

limitsarray_like of length 3 or 6

Bounds for the colormap, which will be mirrored across zero if length 3, or completely specified (and potentially asymmetric) if length 6.


Type of colormap to return. If ‘matplotlib’, will return a matplotlib.colors.LinearSegmentedColormap. If ‘vtk’, will return an RGBA array of shape (256, 4).

cmapinstance of colormap | array

A teal->blue->gray->red->yellow colormap. See docstring of the ‘format’ argument for further details.


For this will return a colormap that will display correctly for data that are scaled by the plotting function to span [-fmax, fmax].