mne.viz.add_background_image(fig, im, set_ratios=None)[source]#

Add a background image to a plot.

Adds the image specified in im to the figure fig. This is generally meant to be done with topo plots, though it could work for any plot.


This modifies the figure and/or axes in place.


The figure you wish to add a bg image to.

imarray, shape (M, N, {3, 4})

A background image for the figure. This must be a valid input to matplotlib.pyplot.imshow. Defaults to None.

set_ratiosNone | str

Set the aspect ratio of any axes in fig to the value in set_ratios. Defaults to None, which does nothing to axes.

ax_iminstance of Axes

Axes created corresponding to the image you added.


New in v0.9.0.