mne.beamformer.make_lcmv_resolution_matrix(filters, forward, info)[source]#

Compute resolution matrix for LCMV beamformer.

filtersinstance of Beamformer

Dictionary containing filter weights from LCMV beamformer (see mne.beamformer.make_lcmv).

forwardinstance of Forward

Forward Solution with leadfield matrix.


The mne.Info object with information about the sensors and methods of measurement. Used to compute LCMV filters.

resmatarray, shape (n_dipoles_lcmv, n_dipoles_fwd)

Resolution matrix (filter matrix multiplied to leadfield from forward solution). Numbers of rows (n_dipoles_lcmv) and columns (n_dipoles_fwd) may differ by a factor depending on orientation constraints of filter and forward solution, respectively (e.g. factor 3 for free dipole orientation versus factor 1 for scalar beamformers).

Examples using mne.beamformer.make_lcmv_resolution_matrix#

Compute cross-talk functions for LCMV beamformers

Compute cross-talk functions for LCMV beamformers